The Weston Democratic Club
Welcome Weston Democrats

Next Meeting:

Speaker: Travis Perron
Former Executive Director of Broward Democratic Party
Now Senior Strategist

"2018 and Beyond"

Travis Perron

Hope you can all attend . . . Barry Butin, Club President, 954-463-7669

Wings, Salad, and Soda compliments of the Weston Democratic Club

Monday, January 28, 2019
6:30 pm
This is a different date than usual because the Weston City Comission
meets on what would be our normal meeting date.

Wings in Weston, 1354 SW 160th Ave, Weston, FL 33326
(four stores south of the Weston 8 Cinema)


Monday, Januar 1, 2019

Weston .... we have a problem.

There are 561,776 Democrats in Broward or 51.68% of the electorate. We should be very proud of that and continue to work hard to register voters and have high voter turnout at all elections.

The year 2018 is crucial for us, when we turn Congress blue, and in Florida where the dominoes will begin to fall. A strong Weston Democratic Club is essential to the well being of our city, state, and United States. Organization for the 2018 election has been happening for months. Come to the next meeting and find out how you can help!

Now is the time to move to finish the 2018 elections and prepare for 2020. See Roz Shrager at our next meeting for details on how you can get involved!

Please if you have any suggestions for the club please drop an e-mail.

Barry Butin,
Weston Democratic Club President